When to Post on IG

When you Google, “When is the best time to post on Instagram?”, you will get a lot of answers. In fact, each site claims a different ‘best’ time to post, and so this is where confusion sets in. The truth is, every niche has a different ‘best’ time to post. It all boils down to your audience.

If your followers’ ages range from 18-24 years old, most of these people are still students, and may have a different routine than those in the 25-34 years old age bracket. There is no specific guideline for this. If you promote a beach bum lifestyle, your followers will certainly have a different lifestyle and day-to-day schedule than those of the CEOs, Managers, office workers, students, and the jobless users of Instagram.

This is also the reason why in the early sections, we advised that you upgrade your account to a business account so that you can see your account insights. Check your audience insights. This section allows you to see what time your audience is most active on Instagram. Anything with a darker blue color in the bar chart, that is your optimum time of posting. Make sure that you post within those times to maximize your audience engagement.

You can also do some research yourself. If your target audience is composed of CEOs and business owners, you know that they wake up really early to start the day. You can do some A/B testing on your posts and try posting during the times that you think CEOs and business owners are most active. Perhaps, they take their lunches at 2 pm or 3 pm instead of the usual? Or perhaps they retire early at night, so you can maybe test one post at 7 pm? It all depends on your demographics, niche, and what time they are most active.

Some Instagram users also prefer to post at 8:30 am, when office workers are on their way to their respective offices. People love to tinker with their phones while commuting, and there is a great chance that they will see your post when they visit Instagram.