Titles, Subtitles, and Icons on IG

These are your attention grabbers! When you have posts that require a title and icon, it’s important that you use big fonts and captivating colors to catch their attention. Remember, some people scroll way too fast to be able to read small, fancy fonts. It may be pretty, but will it catch their attention? If not, then don’t use it. It won’t do your page any good.

Here is a good example of a post with a huge title and an icon/a photo:

Here, you can see that the words ‘Cat Dildos’ are in all caps, and is in a very large, legible font. Even if you put your phone four feet away from you, you can still read the title. This is how titles should be written. Anything smaller than this, it won’t catch the attention of the user and they will just scroll past your post. That’s the last thing that you want them to do. And of course…

The photo of the cat also adds to the “umph” of the title. It’s a little ambiguous, to be honest. Is he referring to dildos shaped like cats? Or maybe dildos for cats? Or something else? The picture of the cat doesn’t help either, and since people are curious by nature, they will naturally click on this video and view it.

When it comes to the icons that you will use for your posts, it is good to have a set of icons ready, so all you have to do is just pick from your lot which icon you will use for your post. That may be faster, but if you are using the same icons over and over again, that might turn off people. It’s not that hard to look for icons specifically related to your post. You don’t need to dig a tunnel to get amazing, free icons—you just need to move your fingers, type the keyword on your browser, and download the icon. Don’t be lazy about this. Icons can make or break your post.