S4S Networking

So, you’ve learned about S4S in the previous section. Now, you’re probably thinking, is it possible to do S4S at much a larger scale? Say, maybe 10 or more Instagram page owners, promoting each other? Absolutely! There are tons of Instagram pages already doing this, and they have partnered with other accounts in the same niche as theirs. These tightly-knit groups have schedules, and they adhere to it all the time.

Say, you are part of an S4S group, and there are seven members in your group. Your account is assigned on a Monday, and all the other six are distributed throughout the week. This simply means that every Monday, all the other six in the group will be tagging you in their posts. The same goes for the other members of the S4S group. If, say, John was assigned to Tuesday, then everyone else, including you, will be tagging or mentioning John on that day.

Since S4S groups are tightly-knit ones, this means that you can start other campaigns with the members of the group. Mind you, you’re not only limited to tagging or mentioning their accounts, but you can also promote their links, products, and services. Since all of you belong in the same niche, promoting them won’t be a problem, and your followers will also benefit from their content and offerings. Joining these kinds of groups is a good way to meet other people with the same mindset and wavelength as yours.