PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns to Boost Your Earning!

Instagram would love for you and your viewers to stay on your feed as long as they want to (so that they can show you more ads), however, unfortunately, Instagram is not paying their users for the views and the clicks that they generate. So, what if you want to make more money out of your views?

Simple. Redirect them to your blog or YouTube video. Start a blog or a YouTube channel the same time you start an Instagram account, but make sure that you sign up for Google Adsense and affiliate marketing first. You can post a short introduction video on your Instagram, and tell them that they need to proceed to your blog in order to view the rest of the video. If your content is interesting enough, they will click.

Adsense pays you whenever someone clicks on the ads you are showing, so make sure that it’s set up correctly as well so that the ads that Google will show your visitors are targeted to your niche. YouTube on the other hand, pays a few dollars per 1,000 views, so as long as you redirect them from your Instagram to your YouTube, the views will pile up. Take note that you should also set up your YouTube channel to allow ads to show. YouTube pays more for ad clicks.

But don’t just rely on Adsense and YouTube for your income. What you will get from here won’t be enough to sustain your daily needs, especially since you are just starting. Since you have already redirected them to your blog or channel, the ultimate goal is to convert them into email subscribers. They say that the money is in email marketing, which is true. These people signed up for your newsletters and this shows that they are really excited about what you have to offer, and want to receive further updates from you. In the future, you can even start a weekly or monthly email update of your products or services, and these emails will go directly to their inboxes.