Picking the Right Niche on IG

When creating an Instagram account, this is the first thing that you need to do. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your Instagram account. Try browsing Instagram on your phone and you will see a multitude of Instagram account niches or themes, ranging from business to motivational quotes. You may even see some accounts dedicated to quirky things like badly spelled tattoos and taxidermy gone wrong. The possibilities are endless!

There are niches or themes that we call evergreen. These niches do not rely on any trend or any virality power, and these can be very profitable niches. When thinking about your ideal niche, remember that it should be related to something that people are invested in emotionally. Keep in mind that people do not buy things; they buy stories, experiences, emotions, and identities.

Here are two great examples of niches that have amazing potential:

  1. Weight loss/Fitness niche

Obesity is a big problem, not only in America but also in other parts of the world. We have been acquainted time and time again about the dangers of obesity, and the plethora of illnesses that it comes with. Yes, people know, but most are struggling to say no to the temptation of eating that luscious cake, or that amazingly rich chocolate candy bar sitting in the fridge.

However, there are conscious ones who spend a lot of money on building their muscles, achieving an acceptable BMI, or simply losing the excess fats that they have gained over the years.

This niche has a big market since it’s not exclusive at all to a small group of people. Fitness also has a lot of subniches, such as muscle building, losing weight, gaining weight, staying fit, stamina building and so on, so there is always something for everyone. It’s easy to grow this kind of niche and monetizing it is easy as well compared to other niches, as you can have sponsors paying you money to advertise their product or service.

  1. Business/Entrepreneur niche

Let’s face it, everyone wants to make more money than what they currently have. Many people spend thousands of dollars on courses, books, and coaching on how to make money, so what’s a better way of making money than to teach other people on how to make money?

This niche is already a huge market, and there are already a lot of people selling their mini courses on how to make money online or offline. Even though the competition is harsh, people discover new ways on how to earn money every day, and so, this niche is growing.

Apart from doing general niches, one can also do subniches. Some subniches are very lucrative as there is exclusivity in it, and it is directed entirely to a small group of people that don’t belong in the general niche. An example of a good subniche is maintaining a balanced diet after bariatric surgery. Not everyone undergoes this procedure, and there are only a select few, but these people are dedicated to monitoring their food and calorie intakes, so they can be loyal followers in the future.

Having a subniche will allow you to do the following:

  1. Charge more per shoutout or promotion because of your exclusivity.
  2. Be able to dominate the small market you’re in.
  3. Convert a high percentage of your followers into paying subscribers/customers if you release a product or service in the future.
  4. Get paid by companies for advertising their products that are specific to your subniche.

However, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies for the subniches. Here are some of the negative things that you might experience when running a subniche:

  1. If your niche is too broad, you might find your Instagram account’s growth a bit slow compared to having a broader niche.
  2. Your growth is limited. There could only be a few people who fall under your niche, and this means your growth is capped.
  3. You will have fewer companies to choose from when it comes to monetizing your Instagram as there are only a few companies that target subniches.

A great way to pick a niche is to start with a general niche first, then narrow down the niches as you go. If you want to do a fitness page, you can start with the fitness niche in general, and then narrow it down to muscle building, and narrow it down further to muscle building for those with atrophy. That is as narrow as it can get.