IG Content Creation

Content creation is the most daunting task when it comes to social media. Questions like, “what do I post?” and “how should my posts look like?” are pretty common for those who are just starting out.

The way to tackle the content creation part is to attack it by topic. Let’s first discuss the overall color scheme of your Instagram page. As you all know, Instagram is purely visual. It’s a social media platform created solely for photos and videos, and so, the color scheme that you choose plays a very important part, and will affect your overall following.

There are three most popular color schemes on Instagram: Multicolor, monochromatic, and two-color scheme.

Based on research, Instagram pages with darker backgrounds have better growth rates compared to those with light backgrounds and multicolor.




It all boils down on your preference regarding the overall look of your page. There are Instagram pages on money and motivation that are a bit on the multicolor and brighter side, and there are also photography pages that are monochromatic and a bit on the darker side. It really depends on how you would present and position your posts so that it doesn’t look awkward.

If your posts have text on them, and you would like to use just one color, say, blue, then make sure that you save the Hex color value of your chosen color. You really don’t want to guess the color that you used for each post, and ending up using 100 different shades of blue, right? Even though it “looks” like the same color of blue, those with keen eyes can spot different shades of blue if your posts are bundled together.