How Many Should I Post per Day on IG?

Same with posting times, this question doesn’t have a definite answer. Most people post 2-4 posts a day, however, if you are promoting your brand and are providing so much value to your followers, most of them won’t mind getting a couple more posts from you. However, if your posts are close to being homogeneous, and you post 10 times a day, people might get tired of seeing your posts and will definitely unfollow you. So, it’s a balance between the value you deliver, what your audience wants, and the variety of your posts. After you have done a few posts, you can clearly see what type of posts they like based on the number of likes and comments on your posts.

If you are just starting though, and you have a fresh, empty Instagram feed, make sure that you post 9 to 12 posts right away so that your feed won’t look as empty as it is right now.