Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Another way to monetize your Instagram account is to attach your affiliate links in your posts. This is by far the best way to earn passive income, and it could bring you a lot of money if done right.

Fashion Instagram users are heavily using affiliate links on their accounts. If they try on a lipstick or a dress, and post a picture of it on their account, they will put their affiliate links in the caption so that people can purchase it, too. Sometimes, Instagram influencers who are sponsored by a brand, also have affiliate links on their captions for tracking purposes. Sponsors would then be able to know how many people purchased through influencer #1, and if he or she has the most successful campaign among other influencers, then the sponsoring company will return with another lucrative campaign for them.

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, start signing up with big box stores and get a dedicated affiliate marketing for yourself. Choose items that are related to your niche: if you have a fashion account, start with clothing, makeup, etc.; if you have a coaching account, start with motivational books; if you have a tech account, start with computer or mobile paraphernalia. Anything can be included in an affiliate account. Make sure that you only sell items that are related to your niche as it would confuse people if you are a tech account, yet sell MAC lipsticks (that’s a different kind of Mac!)

Note: Your affiliate may come in as a URL extension such as or as a discount coupon code, which is tracked by the company, depending on the structure of their site.

So, apart from putting it on your post, where else can you put your affiliate link on your Instagram account?

Depending on the nature of the promotion, if it’s a simple one-time campaign, sometimes Instagram users include it on the caption part on one of their posts. If it’s a long-term campaign such as basketball players sponsored by Nike or Adidas, they may put their affiliate links on their bio instead. But even if you’re not a basketball player, it’s your prerogative where you want to put it on your account.

There are also other Instagram accounts that make use of their highlights to promote their affiliate links. They would be posting a story about the product, maybe a short video or a creative photo, and ask people to swipe up for more details. They attach the URL to it, and add this story to their highlights. They can even name their highlight as “Tap Me” and put an interesting highlight cover, to ignite the curiosity of the people! Be creative! There are tons of possibilities.