Finding Other Viral Posts

As mentioned, viral posts are the way to go. If you want your page to experience massive growth, posting viral content will surely boost your popularity and reach. However, creating content that will go viral is not an easy thing to do.

But how do others do it? The easiest way to become viral is to find other posts that have already become viral, and repost it. Be wary of copyright issues though, but by far, viral video reposts are common on Instagram. You can check your feed, or other Instagram accounts, and see which posts garnered 3 to 4 times the usual number of likes and comments, and you can repost that same content. You can even add a few texts or emojis of yours, add a funny or motivational caption, whichever is appropriate, and repost the photo or video.

Remember, if you get repost something, credit the owner or where the viral post came from. This is a nice thing to practice, as you do not want others to do the same to you if you’re the original creator of the viral post. However, it’s your prerogative if you will credit the post or not. Crediting the original poster will also leave a good impression on you. If the Instagram account where you got the viral post from is in the same niche as yours, crediting them is a good way to start a working relationship with them.